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AccuLap Pitch - HA30 Standard (G64) - RECOMMENDED



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This 1/3 KG (about 3/4 LB) Synthetic Pitch is being used by ATMers with great success.
If you order it Please come back and post a REVIEW of the product so other can see how well (or not) it is liked!

The default hardness is 'STANDARD' which represents Gugolz 64 and it is strongly recommended for ATM applications. Other hardness's are available by special order.

Acculap is a breakthrough in synthetic polymer technology.
- Utilizing pure synthetic base materials, it is precisely engineered to possess all the characteristics required to optimize any polishing application.
- Acculap formulations are extremely stable due to low volatile content and a unique chemical composition. The pure base constituents exhibit extremely low vapor pressure resulting in a medium that will not harder or dry with prolonged use and will remain stable even after repeated melting.
- Acculap is presently available in ten grades ranging from Very Soft to Very Hard. Four of the ten grades duplicate the characteristics of the most commonly used traditional pitch products: 55 - 64 - 73 - 82. The balance of the product line includes levels of hardness strategically bracketing the base group. This comprehensive line enables Acculap to accommodate most polishing applications. Exact tailoring of the custom grades is now available with accuracy never before achievable.

Density: 1.05 g/cc
Softening Point: Approximately 80C
Solubility: Insoluble in highly polar solvents (alcohols, etc). Soluble in Acetone, MEK and aromatic solvents such as toluene. Softens on contact with oils.
Resistant to most detergents and surfactants.

HA0 very soft
HA9 soft equal Gugolz 55
HA18 medium
HA30 standard equal Gugolz 64
HA39 intermediate
HA48 firm
HA60 very firm equal Gugolz 73
HA63 flat
HA78 hard
HA90 very hard equal Gugolz 82

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