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Lap Tool for 10 inch (No Tile)



This kit includes Dental Stone needed to make a Pitch Lap foundation. It does not include a Tile Mat. This will make a 10" Tool.

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by Don Johnson 4 of 5 Stars! 4 of 5 Stars!

I have a complaint that this company can easily fix. Ihave had some of his lap tool product that is sold in zip lock bags. I thimk this is unprofessional, even tho'it probably keeps down prices. What my REAL complaint is, is that the labels for this product is HAND WRITTEN. After haveing the product for 6 months, I was unable to identify what it was. After a lot of angry words, I did figure it out but not thanx to this website. I could not find a photo of the stuff I bought and the descripton on the "label"was inadequate.

You need to get printed labels with ALL the information on them. You must have your own printer, for godz sake, you are a small business after all. Print labesl with a COMPLETE description for people like me who might not get to the project for a long time. Kripes!

DON - Thanks for the idea! You are totally right. I am now using printed labels for each bag of grit. I will be updating the Photos as well. - Tom 3/30/20